Wood Sculpture

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Wood is sourced mostly from Cornish gardens, some recycled foreign woods are used for their durability. Turning in to reveal the dark heartwood in a bowl made from the whole diameter, lighter sap outside, hollowed within. Now put to dry for months, then sanding as many grades as needed, add Danish oil for food safe protective finish. A bowl form seems best to represent trees integrity, thin or thick, graceful, or robust as a tree may be, practical for fruit or salad or as wild and random for the beauty.

Local  trees from Cornwall tell universal stories of life in their grainy brown like old photos, from before you were born. Saw chisel and plane and lots of sanding refine the form. Yew elm larch apple cherry and gingko all have their different texture and colours to show. 

These works offer a point of view of nature, that trees share our vertical landscape. Trees have radial form reaching out and upwards, the way of all life. Trees as companions since the stick and stone age.

Silence reveals  

cracks in our hearts  

love makes us  

open to life



Pitch pine puzzle cube, from 200 year old wood


And the tree

In Heaven’s view

Is coming out of the blue

-As much by seed from earth

That gave it birth








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